Collibra announces the launch of Collibra University 2.0

After great success with our initial self-paced training initiative, Collibra recognized the need for a more robust learning experience and has invested in a new custom learning platform. The new platform includes a variety of learning opportunities that uphold established learning theories complemented by engaging game mechanics to keep you learning and moving forward as you expand your knowledge and exploration of data governance. Let’s look at some of the exciting changes we’ve made.

New Course Approach

One of the biggest challenges with learning is understanding “why” what you are doing adds value and is important to your organization, as well as your career. The courses in Collibra University 2.0 aim to address this challenge by applying Contextual Learning techniques. These techniques include scenario-based learning, learning-by-doing exercises, collaborative discussion forums and assignments.

Learning Series

Courses are organized into Learning Series’ that allow you to focus on what you need to perform your role in data governance effectively. Whether you are a Chief Data Officer or a college student, Collibra University 2.0 can help you excel and succeed.


Collibra also appreciates the investment your company has made in our products. We’ve included tutorials that show you how to use our Data Governance Center (DGC) to insure that your team is up and running quickly and efficiently.

New Certification Exams

The courses are designed to support our newly updated Certification exams. Rather than a series of questions, we pose scenarios and ask you to create solutions. This gives you a chance to implement the DGC into your workflows to address your organization’s unique challenges, and gain feedback through the process.

More Learning Opportunities

We know everyone learns differently and one size does not fit all. We have developed multiple learning opportunities for you to explore. We want to make sure you have a variety of learning methods based upon your particular business objectives. In addition to our courses, we introduced weekly teaser videos where you can vote on whether or not the topic should be developed into a full course; expert interviews and round table discussions that address real-world challenges, successes and even failures in data governance; and Frontier stories that provide insight about customer success and use cases to help you develop your own governance approach and contribute to your company’s bottom line.

CAMPR Program

Collibra also recognizes the challenge to stay motivated while working through professional development and training. With that in mind, we developed the CAMPR program, which includes a dashboard to track your progress through the courses and be awarded badges for your accomplishments.

We’re Not Finished!

Even with all this change we have more planned for the future. Over the next 12 months we will be incorporating more features to enhance your learning experience. We’ll be taking advantage of game mechanics to infuse some light-hearted fun while you are working so hard. Daily contests so you can demonstrate your expertise. New developer certifications that focus on Integration and Workflow. And of course, more courses and tutorials focused on our latest release – Collibra Data Governance Center v5.0.

Finally, at Collibra, we understand we are all data citizens. We strive to provide you with the most relevant up to date information on data governance. The support button is provided at the bottom of the screen if you experience any issues. We hope you enjoy the new University 2.0 and welcome your feedback and suggestions.