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Science is in our DNA

Collibra is a world leader in technological innovation, building some of the most important solutions in data governance, Collibra Data Governance Center. Over the past ten years, Collibra has been committed to academic research and its application in industry. As a spin-off from the Laboratory for Semantic Technology and Applications Research (STARLab) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, this commitment continues today. Our unwavering desire to push the boundaries has shifted our focus to systems of engagement and systems of intelligence that can ignite network effects on our platform.

At Collibra, we believe in the value of research, for our own work and for the betterment of the world for all data citizens.

Research Areas

Human-Computer Interactions

Design and use of computer technology focused on enhancing the interfaces between people (users) and computers.

Harnessing the explosion of digital data and computational power with advanced algorithms to enable collaborative and natural interactions between people and machines that extend the human ability to sense, learn and understand.

Research Initiatives

  • Extracting data governance information from slack channels
  • Predict next best action
  • Social performance indicators
  • Context dependency management, graph rewriting

Advancing the state of the art in natural language processing, dialog systems and spoken language understanding to help computers master the nuance and complexity of human communication, the currency of collaboration. AI Language, Transparency

  • Innoviris AI part of project with VUB AILab
  • CollibraBot
  • Amazon Alexa Demo

Using technologies to understand human behavior in relation to the usage and valuation of data sources.

  • OptimusChain Data Value Networks
  • Data Sharing Ecosystems 

Blockchain-based based data governance systems, token and trust systems data sharing consensus making using smart contracts, data fingerprinting and forensics.


Science-as-a-service approach has many advantages: it accelerates the discovery process via a separation of concerns, with computational experts creating, managing, and improving services, and researchers using them for scientific discovery.


odbase smallODBASE 2018   |   The 17th International Conference on Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics

Keynote Speaker: Pieter De Leenheer, Collibra, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

“Data governance: the new imperative to democratize data science”

We live in the age of abundant data. Through technology, more data is available, and the processing of that data easier and cheaper than ever before. Data science emerged from an unparalleled fascination to empirically understand and predict societies businesses and markets. Yet there is an understated risk inherent to democratizing data science such as data spills, cost of data exploration, and blind trust in unregulated, incontestable and oblique models. In their journey to unlock competitive advantage and maximize value from the application of big data, it is vital that data leaders find the right balance between value creation and risk exposure. To realize the true value of this wealth of data, data leaders must not act impulsively, but rethink assumptions, processes, and approaches to managing, governing, and stewarding that data. And to succeed, they must deliver credible, coherent, and trustworthy data and data access clearing mechanisms for everyone who can use it. As data becomes the most valuable resource, data governance delivers an imperative certification for any business to trust one another,  but also increasingly sets a precondition for any citizen to engage in a trustworthy and endurable relationship with a company or government.

DataValue at Semantics 2018     |     Governing Value: The Practice of Exploiting Data Value

Co-Chair: Pieter De Leenheer, Collibra, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist
Keynote Speaker: Stijn Christiaens, Collibra, Co-founder and CTO

Data Governance is Dead

Data governance is the secret to delivering the trust and compliance every data citizen needs to help drive their business forward. But for too many organizations, data governance still means control. And lots of it. Isn’t it time to think differently about data governance? During this session, Collibra will share why industry leaders are changing their approach to data governance. They’ll also highlight the three governance capabilities every organization needs to empower all data citizens to find, understand, and trust their data.