The Implementation Learning Path provides instruction on the administration and management of the Collibra Platform.

Upon completion of this learning path the participant will:

  • Know how to Install and configure the Collibra DGC Platform
  • Describe the design and configure of the operating model
  • Understand how interpret the proper use of the Collibra APIs and implement workflows

Individuals who successfully complete the courses within the path and who have attained Collibra Certified Level 1 designation are eligible to enroll in the Collibra Certified Expert 2.

The Collibra Certified Expert 2 designation proves that you have demonstrated your knowledge, skills, and ability to configure, implement, and maintain the operating model for your organization as well as the ability to set up users, security, and connections, manage content and updates as well as out-of-the-box content.

Courses in Learning Path: