Accelerate adoption

On-demand learning

Learn at your own pace

Collibra University has over 200 on-demand courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to launch and maintain a successful data intelligence program. On-demand courses provide anytime, anywhere access allowing you to take control over your learning. Each course is a unique self-paced learning experience that features pre-recorded video lessons led by experts in Collibra and leaders in data intelligence.

Collibra is committed to educating all data citizens. To support this commitment, all courses in Collibra University are free for everyone. Subscribers gain access to interactive challenges that provide just-in-time learning opportunities and allow you to gain value quickly.

Role-based learning paths

Our extensive catalog encompasses a broad range of data intelligence topics and is organized to enable the multiple roles required for your data intelligence initiative. Each topic is presented in bite-sized lessons that build your skills and your confidence. Dynamic role-based learning paths provide the right courses at the right point in your data intelligence journey.


Course recommendations for Data Steward role. Topics include the Getting Started series, data quality configuration and designing dashboards.

Workflow Engineer

Course recommendations for Workflow Engineer role. Topics include the Getting Started series, creating workflows, and an introduction to Collibra APIs.

Integration Engineer

Course recommendations for Integration Engineer role. Topics include the Getting Started series, Collibra API, migrating workflows and CLI.

Solution Architect

Course recommendations for Solution Architect role. Topics include the operating model, structural concepts, lineage and workflows.