Collibra is pleased to provide a collection of audio and video courses from Collibra University on iTunes U.

Collibra on iTunes U is an archive of audio and video content from Collibra University on Apple’s popular iTunes platform. The site includes Collibra University course lectures, presentations, event and product highlights, insight from our partners and clients and more.


Do I have to pay to access Collibra University on iTunes U?

No all of the content provided by Collibra U on iTunes U is completely free.

How do I access Collibra on iTunes U?

First, make sure you have the most current version of iTunes installed on your Mac or PC computer. To download the application, visit to www.apple.com/itunes.

Next, launch the iTunes application and click on iTunes Store in the source list. Select iTunes U in the top navigation area, and click on Collibra University on the resulting page. Alternatively, you can go directly to our iTunes U page via the “Launch Collibra U on iTunes U” link above.

Is the Collibra U on iTunes U content under copyright protection?

Yes, Collibra, Inc. retains copyright to all content in the Collibra University collection accessible on iTunes U.