Gauthier Vasseur

gauthier_VasseurGauthier Vasseur’s executive track record spans from large enterprises (Google, Oracle, Hyperion) to bootstrapped, series A and Pre-IPO companies (Semarchy, Trufa, TriNet). He ran many facets in Finance, Operation and Marketing, building up teams, analytics and scalable processes for growth and transparency.

A technology evangelist at heart, he has based his successes on his passion for innovation and their application for internal and external customer successes. From his wide-ranging experiences, he had countless opportunities to develop extensive management and leadership skills supported by a data driven passion.

Gauthier’s expertise enables him to share his all-encompassing knowledge via publications, executive trainings and courses at Stanford University Continuing Studies where he teaches Business Intelligence, Big Data, and management approaches that blend systems, Data People and Process for sustainable and successful digitalization

Avid surfer, astronomer, and photographer Gauthier never misses an opportunity to push the boundaries of his knowledge to new limits.