Collibra Academic Program™

As data becomes our new currency, many college graduates face a daunting competitive landscape in data management. Complementing this fact, employers want their current employees to expand their current knowledge, skills, and abilities to launch them onto new career paths.  This especially important when the employee’s old career has lost its relevance. Colleges and universities around the world have realized that life long learning is the global reality.

Data governance is a relatively young discipline that is in many respects still developing. Data Governance is in every industry. Financial institutions, healthcare companies, even large retailers must conform to stringent regulatory requirements that must be managed and maintained for quality. While Data Governance continues to grow in relevance as data becomes more important to the enterprise, especially in this age of Big Data and Cloud Computing, there is a gap in higher education offerings. Recognizing this gap, Collibra University introduced the Collibra Academic Program™. Universities and Colleges around the world can now partner with Collibra University and complement their business and technical programs. Higher education can now provide their students with the ability to learn new skills that are high demand is a clear advantage in the marketplace.

Collibra Academic Program™ includes:

Participation in the Academic Program includes:

  • Access to Collibra University courses taught by industry leaders in data governance
  • Access to the Collibra Data Governance Platform
  • Collibra Certification