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Welcome to the Collibra developer space. Here, you will find answers to your technical questions. The goal is to make sure you get the best out of your Collibra Data Governance Center by customizing it as much as possible to your need.
If you are not sure what you are looking for or which technology to use, below is a quick description of each technology and their use cases.


Each organization has its own processes, and data management is not an exception. The Collibra workflow engine allows you to model your processes and run them inside the Data Governance Center. The combination of the BPMN standard and the embedded groovy scripts allows you to develop the most complex use cases without impacting the end user experience. Learn more about workflows development >


Collibra Connect is the integration tool for your Collibra Data Governance Center. It allows you, in an active manner, to get data from your business applications IN your Data Governance Center and OUT of it to other applications. Based on the Mule platform, the Collibra Connector allows you to communicate with your Data Governance Center. Learn more about Collibra Connect >


Collibra provides four REST applications allowing you to interact with your Collibra Data Governance Center and your Collibra Console from the outside. Use APIs to build new ways to interact with your environment in your favorite language: from the most complex scripts, to the friendliest user interface. Learn more about the REST APIs >

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Data Citizens 2019 – Under the hood

Pre-conference technical day – May 21, 2019


Under the Hood is our second-annual pre-conference event, created for technical teams. This year’s program will be hosted at The New York Academy of the Sciences and focuses on key issues around integration, APIs, and workflows.


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