Maximize your investment and reduce onboarding time.

Collibra Education provides a flexible yet integrated approach to learning. From self-paced learning to in-person classes, all of the learning materials work together to support a wide variety of learning styles. Our experienced staff delivers in-person instruction, virtual classes, and self-paced courses designed to meet two primary objectives: driving broader user adoption and speeding up data governance implementations. Colibra Education is relevant to business, administrative, and technical users at all stages of their data governance journey.

Virtual Classroom

Collibra Virtual Classroom courses are 2-hour, highly interactive sessions that provide engaging exercises allowing you to learn-by-doing. Whether you’re a current or aspiring Data Governance administrator, developer, steward or business user, we have the training you need to gain the right skills and maximize return on your organization’s data governance initiative. The approach allows the attendee to learn Collibra while continuing their normal workday. The curriculum complements the University offerings. Each course is a hands-on workshop and attendance is limited to 20 people.

Some of the benefits of attended Collibra Virtual Classroom courses include:

  • Greater choice of training – full control over where and when to learn
  • Cost savings on travel, accommodations, and expenses
  • Collaboration with expert instructors for immediate feedback

Course topics are added continually so you can expand your Data Governance initiatives across your enterprise. At Collibra, we feel by combining the benefits of interactive, live training delivered by highly skilled instructors with the option to save on time & travel, and a greater choice of training offerings and dates.

Collibra Virtual Classroom is offered on Monday and Friday of the second week of every month.

Collibra Bootcamps

Collibra’s 4-day Getting Started Bootcamp is held virtually, the last week of each month. Each day, attendees will explore different aspects of data governance and the Collibra Data Governance Center. Collibra Bootcamp is offered multiple times each day to accommodate different time zones. Each topic is listed below.

Day 1 – The Operating Model: organizational and structural concepts
Day 2 – Views and Importing Assets
Day 3 – Relations and Traceability
Day 4 – Roles and Workflows

In-Person Training

The Getting Started In-person Training is an interactive immersive training workshop that introduces business users to the value of data governance. Students will learn the basics of the Collibra out-of-the-box operating model and the Data Governance Center applications through demonstrations and hands-on exercises. They will uncover what makes a sound data definition and how to operationalize it within the business glossary. Students will also learn about core data governance concepts including traceability and interactive data lineage.

Our Getting Started In-person Training can be paired with Workflow Engineering, Catalog Fundamentals and Collibra API courses to create a full week of training and accelerate your data governance initiative.