Frequently Asked Questions: University 2.0

Q: What is Collibra University?

A: We are a department of Collibra focused on educating our clients, partners, and educational institutions in data governance, data stewardship and training in Collibra Data Governance Platform. We administer and are the sole source for all certifications in Collibra products.

Q: Why don’t my Compass credentials work?

A: LDAP only holds your user name as a record. It does not archive your password for security reasons, therefore it is not possible to use the existing information.

Q: Why do I need to set up a new user name and password?

A: Collibra is moving away from LDAP to a more self-service user name and password administration solution. We feel this will create a better user experience overall. In order to achieve this it requires you to set up a new user name and password. We recommend using the same user name and password for both University 2.0 and Community 2.0 (launching the first week of December).

Q: What is the process to set up an account on University 2.0?

To provide the highest level of security, Collibra University 2.0 uses a double authentication process. To register for an account click on the follow address and provide your Name, and email address. We encourage you to use your business or academic email account as gmail-like accounts will have limited access to information contained in the site.


Once you submit the form you will revise an email that authenticate that the email address is valid. Click through on the provided link in the email and your password will be provided to you.

Q: I don’t remember my new password or user name what do I do?

To reset your password please go to the following link and provide the email addressed you used during the registration process.


If you have changed your email address please open a ticket at https://collibra.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Q: What happens to my completed courses on University 1.0?

There are no required course work to take the certification exams in University 2.0. Therefore your course work does not transfer as it has no application.

Q: Are the courses from 1.0 available on the University 2.0 platform?

Yes. All course material in University 1.0 is available in University 2.0

Q: Who should remain on University 1.0?

If you have completed 80% of the course work toward your next certification you can remain in University 1.0. The vast majority of learners should move to University 2.0. If you are unsure please contact claire.boger@university.com for assistance.

Q: How do I access University 1.0?


Please use your old Compass credentials to log in

Q:  How long will I have access to University 1.0?

University 1.0 will be active until December 31st, 2016. It will close January 1, 2017

Q: Are the certification exams available in the University 2.0 platform?

Yes all exams are available on University 2.0.

Q: Are the certification exams the same between on each platform?

Yes all exams are the same on both platforms. Some questions have been reworded for clarity.

Q: What are the exam requirements in the University 2.0 platform?

There are no required courses for any certification.

Steward certification is required for Community Manager certification, Community Manager certification is required for Platform Admin certification, Platform Admin certification is required for Developer certification. All certification is required for Ranger exam access.

Q: Are my certifications still valid?

Yes all certifications are valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

Q: Do my points from the University 1.0 platform carry over to the new platform?

A: No, the points will not carry over. Collibra is launching the CAMPR Program in the coming months to enhance motivation, retention and participation.

All participants start with a fresh slate in University 2.0.

Q: What happens to my old courses? Will I be able to access the old platform?

A: The University 1.0 platform will be accessible until December 31, 2016. Your progress through the courses will be documented in your course transcripts.

Q: How do I prepare for my exam?

A: We recommend a series of courses for each certification. Review the recommended materials listed to see if you’re ready to take the certification exam.

Q: Do the courses help with certification?

A: Completing the courses provides you with a clear understanding of what Data Governance and Data stewardship is, what it is not, why it is relevant and how to implement a program using Collibra products. However, training courses are not prerequisites for a certification exam.

Q: What courses are offered?

A: Collibra University offers all the courses from University 1.0 to get your team up and running in with Collibra DGC.  Additional courses on data governance, data management and data stewardship courses are also provided.

Q: What do I do if I still have questions

A: Reach out to claire.boger@collibra.com for assistance.