Introduction to the Operating Model 5.x

Introduction to the Operating Model 5.x

6 Lessons

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Approximate Time to Completion: 1 hour
Instructor: Benedict Benoit, Sales Engineer, Collibra

Learn how the Operating Model is defined within the Collibra Data Governance Center. The Operating Model is based on three pillars, consisting of the organization, the assets that are of value to the organization and the people and processes, who will be responsible for certain tasks.Begin the process with strategic planning to determine the approach, to design the meta model and to determine the execution within Collibra. Other aspects to consider will be assigning roles and responsibilities, and to identify the processes to guide the data governance procedures.Our workflow process will dictate what processes need to be executed in order to do certain tasks, such as introducing a new business term. Who needs to be involved in that? Who needs to sign off that new business term? What process do we need to follow? That’s going to be part of the processes that we configure within Collibra.

If you are learning about the Operating Model for the first time, we recommend the following sequence:

  • Introduction to the Operating Model 5.x
  • Out-of-the-Box Operating Model 5.x
  • Operating Model 5.x: Organization Concepts


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