Using Collibra Catalog as a Data Analyst

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Approximate Time to Completion: 1 hour

Instructor: Kash Mehdi, Senior Product Specialist, Collibra

Collibra catalog is a user friendly application which lets you find, understand, and trust the data you need. It gives you the ability to simply connect with multiple systems and applications out of your IT system to bring in metadata, and it helps you assemble data sets and create different data sets, and lastly gives you the ability to shop for the data you need.Learn how to select any data set and add it to your data basket and connect to other data sources to bring in metadata. Simply click on the create button to ingest data from multiple data sources, such as Cloudera Hive, databases like MySQL, SQL Server, and Teradata. Collibra catalog serves as a centralized repository containing meta data from all across the organization. You are able to assemble different data assets including schemas, tables, and columns, to create your own data set. Consumers can come in Collibra catalog to find the data they need, understand where it comes from, and start using it as a trusted source of information.

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