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Upgrading to Collibra Platform 5.7

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About this course


  • Mathisse De Strooper, Product Manager, Product Demo and Field Enablement

Course Objectives:

  • Analyze how to set up the Collibra infrastructure
  • Inspect process to upgrade to Collibra Platform 5.7
  • Examine the new mandatory monitoring service

In this course, we will review an Enterprise setup example, demonstrating the proper configuration of development, acceptance, and production environments. Next, we will prepare for the upgrade by creating and downloading a backup of an existing environment and stopping all services in Collibra Console. We also introduce our new mandatory monitoring service to retrieve additional metrics regarding environments. Finally, we’ll guide you through the necessary upgrade steps for both version 4 and version 5 environments.

  • Role Technical & Admin
  • Experience All
  • Applications Collibra Platform, Console
  • Time Required 15 Minutes
  • Resources

    Upgrade Guide

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