Transforming Data Objects in Anypoint Studio

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About this Course

Approximate Time to Completion: 20 Minutes

Instructor: Pranay Mahendra, Solutions Engineer

Course Objectives:

  • Construct a data source in Anypoint Studio
  • Modify data from a data source to JSON, CSV, or Java object format
  • Modify individual components within a data object

While Mule’s DataSense capability is able to populate metadata from a data source to a destination, situations arise where either the connector is not configured enough to populate the metadata, or the data source doesn’t have any metadata to populate. In this course, we will cover how to solve this problem by transforming data objects using the Transform Message component in Anypoint Studio. Our use case will be to pull account data from Salesforce and populate the account information into a file. First, we will discuss how to build a query using the Query operation to pull specific data from your data source. Next, we will utilize a File connector to indicate the path the file should be written to. Finally, we will use the Transform Message component to write the data to a file in the JSON, CSV, or even Java object format. In addition to transforming one data object to another, we’ll also discuss how to use Transform Message to modify individual components within your data object. For example, you can make transformations to individual fields (such as adding dashes or changing case), create sub-strings, or change the data type.

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