Tableau Integration

Tableau Integration with Catalog

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About this Course
Approximate Time to Completion: .5 hour

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate registering Tableau server in Catalog
  • Review traceability for Tableau sites, project workbooks, and views
  • Identify centralized location for all Tableau reports

In this course, we will review the Tableau Integration with Collibra’s Data Governance Center version 5.3. This integration will provide a centralized location for all of your Tableau reports. Using this process, you’ll be able to find and understand the necessary reports with the end result being able to trust that information used in your reporting needs.

We will demonstrate registering the Tableau server in Catalog, which stores the metadata from the Tableau’s sites, including the project workbooks, and views. The Tableau data sources are also visualized inside Catalog, allowing you to access the lineage from the server all the way down to the sheets, the dashboards, and the sources.


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