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Steps 9-10: Reporting, Prioritizing, & Aligning to Value

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About this course

Instructor: Simon Hankinson, Financial Services Market Manager

Course Objectives:

  • Assess progress and value
  • Revise roadmap
  • Recommend data to be governed

The ninth step of the Prescriptive Path addresses Reporting Value. The whole purpose of executing the activities presented in this series is to deliver value for the organization. Reporting value is about stakeholder engagement, so before we start governing data we want to have alignments and agreements on what will be the value of governing that data. Once we go through the governance processes, we want to validate that we actually achieved the value.

The tenth and final step involves prioritizing the data the matters to the organization, with a focus on value. While every organization has massive amounts of data, not all data is equal. To help prioritize on the data that matters, we begin with the company strategy. From there, we address the objectives and determine how they will be measured. Next, activities and projects are introduced with stakeholders and owners. All of those are accelerators to achieving strategy. This framework is very good at explicitly tying the data that we’re going to govern back to strategy and engaging the right stakeholders on the business side, as well as within processes that we need to have engaged to have a successful governance program.

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