Steps 7-8: Report and Calculation Stewardship & Data Sharing Agreements

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About this Course

Approximate Time to Completion: .5 hour

Instructor: Lowell Fryman, Practice Principal & Capability Manager

Course Objectives:

  • Compare business terms and system metadata to key metrics
  • Prioritize certification of metrics
  • Establish request and approval processes for cross-functional data sharing and data usage

The seventh step of the Prescriptive Path addresses Report and Calculation Stewardship. This step is included to emphasize the importance of governing your metrics. The metrics are key, and you need to govern those metrics, steward them well and get them approved. This is also an opportunity to step back and look at the metrics you have, and if in fact you have all of the right metrics, and you have the right calculations, and they are approved and certified. The objective of the steps again to associate the business terms, systems, metadata to the key program metrics that are in scope, as well as any metric calculation models. We need to drive our certification of these metrics. It’s not just data, it’s the metrics.

The eighth step of the Prescriptive Path is Data Sharing Agreements. This step involves creating data sharing agreements so your consumers can establish request and approval processes for cross-functional data sharing and data usage. We will need to ensure we recognized all consumers of data and ensure quality fit-for-purpose. The goal is to reduce redundant effort, redundant data storage, and non-compliant data use by streamlining how data must be used and shared cross-enterprise.


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