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Steps 3-4: Define & Link

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About this course

Instructor: Lowell Fryman, Practice Principal & Capability Manager

Course Objectives:

  • Develop a business term glossary
  • Propose the operating model and data ownership
  • Create data lineage

The third step of the Prescriptive Path is to define the business assets or business terms that are involved, establish your operating model, engage the organization, and get people excited about data governance, Begin to understand the process you will use during implementation to build your business glossary and for the business assets that are in scope. Continue to gain agreement of the business terms across the organization. Establishing your operating model is really important here. If you have not done so already, you must do it in this step because it is important for your roles and resources in the processes you’ll use for stewardship. This is also the right time to establish your data ownership.

Link is the fourth step of the Prescriptive Path and applies to creating data lineage that helps our data consumers find, understand, and trust their data. The intent of the step is to identify the IT data assets that are in scope, link those to the business assets that we chose in the Define step, and create lineage and traceability to improve understanding and usage of those assets. The value  is to increase the understanding, to increase our trust, to be able to find the right data. Where is it physically? It is really what we achieve with this step. We want you to catalog these physical assets that relate to the metrics and link them together to have as much end-to-end lineage as possible.

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