Remediation Plans and Remediation Actions, GDPR Solution

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About this Course

Approximate Time to Completion: 1 hour
Instructor:  Roeland Herrebosch, Solution Engineer, Collibra

Course Objectives: 

  • Assess remediation actions
  • Evaluate remediation plans
  • Examine the lifecycle of a remediation plan

Course Description: 

In this course, we will demonstrate the remediation plan and remediation action workflows in the GDPR Solution. Remediation actions are assets in the Collibra Data Governance Center that capture and monitor the progress on actions for risk treatment. The remediation actions are based on ISO 31000 and are typically identified as an outcome for DPIA, legitimate interest assessment and security breach workflows. The remediation plans allow for logical groupings of the remediation actions.

The following order of courses are recommended to follow the sequence of GDPR Solution workflows demonstrated in the use case.

  1. Processing Activity Register, GDPR Solution
  2. Data Protection by Design, GDPR Solution
  3. Risk Assessment Workflow, GDPR Solution
  4. Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), GDPR Solution
  5. Legitimate Interest Assessment, GDPR Solution
  6. Compliance Self Assessment Workflow (CSA), GDPR Solution
  7. Remediation Plans and Remediation Actions, GDPR Solution

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