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On-the-Go Excel Add-in

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About this Course

Approximate Time to Completion: .5 hour

Course Objectives:

  • Evaluate Excel Add-in integration option with DGC
  • Show extracting views from DGC and import into Excel
  • Managed imported data in Excel

In this course, we will review the On-the-Go for Excel Add-in. This allows us to integrate the Collibra Data Governance Center with Microsoft Excel. You’re now able to extract data from the Collibra Data Governance Center and import into an Excel workbook in an accessible and a user-friendly manner. You’re able to search for data and import views from the DGC and manage the imported data in Excel with a single click for linked views. This option allows you to build external reports in Excel and refresh the workbook data with the latest assets in the DGC.

To access the On-the-Go Excel Add-in, navigate to https://yourInstance.collibra.com/otg/office/index.html
It is only available to DGC v5.3 customers.

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