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Mapping Data Objects in Anypoint Studio

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About this course

Instructor: Pranay Mahendra, Solutions Engineer

Course Objectives:

  • Build a data source to the DGC using Anypoint Studio
  • Construct a data source using a database query to identify tables to import
  • Examine tables and import as assets into the DGC

This course will demonstrate how to use the Transform Message component in Anypoint Studio to connect to a data source, identify tables, and then use a variety of connectors to insert these tables as assets within DGC. First we will set up our workflow and connect our data source to the DGC. We will create an entry point into our application using a drag-and-drop HTTP connector. Next, we will configure our data source using a database query that queries the database for a list of all user created tables. Then we will configure our destination using the Collibra DGC connector. After setting up our workflow, we will map the data for import into the DGC. DataSense will automatically populate the output section of our workflow, so we then just need to map the name and external ID for the table we want to import. Finally, we will hard code a message to display to the end user.

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