Introduction to Workflow Development

Introduction to Workflows: Automate and Assign Tasks

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Approximate Time to Completion: 1 hour

  • Kristof Depypere, Chief Architect, Collibra
  • Mathisse De Strooper, Product Manager, Collibra
This course presents workflows, which describe the processes in the Data Governance Center that automate certain tasks and to assign tasks to people. In the Data Governance Center, we ship a set of out-of-the-box workflows. You have the option to modify them or to even create your own. The workflows are defined by the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). Workflows can be started on several concepts in the application. It can be started on assets, domains, and communities. It can also be applied as a Global Workflow, where you decide where you would like the workflow to start. This is what we also sometimes refer to as the ‘business item’ of a workflow. The business item is actually the resource for which this workflow exists.Other important elements are User Tasks and Service Tasks.  The users tasks address the need for someone to complete a task in the application. A service task is actually an automated task. For example, when an asset is under review, the status of the asset will automatically update to reflect the review status.

Using the Approval Process workflow as an example, review how to start, stop and cancel workflows and how you can manage tasks as well.

If you are learning about workflows for the first time, we recommend the following sequence of Workflow courses:

  • Introduction to Workflows: Automate and Assign Tasks
  • Ask-the-Expert Workflow Basics
  • Advanced Workflow: Tips & Tricks
  • SysAdmin: Workflow Configurations


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