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Introduction to the Prescriptive Path

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About this course

Instructors: Lowell Fryman, Practice Principal

Course Objectives:

  • Explain Collibra’s success pillars: technology platform, training, and integrated practices
  • Understand the recommended 10 steps for successful data governance
  • Outline key components addressing risk, maturity and abilities

This course will provide an overview of Collibra’s Prescriptive Path, a 10-step process for helping you implement and build out your data governance maturity.

The Prescriptive Path begins with creating a solid governance foundation, developing that into an understanding of your strategy, and finally defining the activities you need to be successful. Outlined with each step we include the benefits of doing the step as well as the drawbacks or risks of not completing a given step in the right sequence.

  • Role All
  • Experience Novice
  • Applications Foundation of Data Governance
  • Time Required 15 Minutes

Collibra makes it easy for data citizens to find, understand and trust the organizational data they need to make business decisions every day. Unlike traditional data governance solutions, Collibra is a cross-organizational platform that breaks down the traditional data silos, freeing the data so all users have access.

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