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Integrating Collibra DGC & MANTA for End-to-End Lineage

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About this course

Instructor: Jan Ulrych, Senior Technology Advisor, MANTA

Course Objectives:

  • Define the terms data lineage and business lineage
  • Understand the purpose of data lineage
  • Operate data lineage in Collibra

In this course, we discuss data lineage, why it is important, and how to get complete end-to-end data lineage out of Collibra. We will also go over how to obtain business lineage in Collibra using MANTA.

MANTA’s Senior Technology Advisor Jan Ulrych will show us how to connect MANTA to Collibra and how data lineage was used in some real cases he dealt with.

Collibra makes it easy for data citizens to find, understand and trust the organizational data they need to make business decisions every day. Unlike traditional data governance solutions, Collibra is a cross-organizational platform that breaks down the traditional data silos, freeing the data so all users have access.

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