Healthcare Data Ingestion

Healthcare Datasets with Collibra Catalog

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Approximate Time to Completion: 1 hour
Instructor: Justin Washburn, Presales Engineer, Collibra

In this course, we will review some of the new Catalog features in 5.1, including data profiling, tagging and recommending business terms that may match ingested business assets. Learn how these applications and processes help business analysts and data scientists conduct their own business intelligence, rather than relying on IT to generate the reports for them. We will be using an ACO Inpatient file to demonstrate ingesting the data, creating a data profile and storing sample data sets. By using Data Catalog, business analysts who are using self-service data, can spend less time looking for the correct data, and more time actually analyzing the data and providing meaningful information in their reports.

You can compare data sets on the Catalog home page, shop for the data of interest to you, and request access from the Data Owner. The ingested data is a collection of certain tables, certain columns, from different systems that are tied together into one data set and is then governed. By governing the data, we are enriching it with additional metadata, assigned roles and responsibilities. We also provide Policy Managers, so you can know who’s allowed to use that data when; a Data Helpdesk, so you can log and track issues related to that data; a Business Glossary to track definitions related to that data; and a Report Catalog to see the reports that are being generated from that data.

In addition to the data catalog ingestion demonstration, we will also review the post data ingestion workflow. And of course, the demonstrations will include the data profiling, linking business terms to imported schemas, and how tagging can be used to improve searchability and quick access to results.

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