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Enforcing Global Data Privacy Policies with Collibra & Immuta

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About this course


  • Steve Touw, Co-Founder & CTO, Immuta
  • Eric Kriner, Solution Architect, Immuta

Course Objectives:

  • Create Immuta Global Data Privacy Policy for PII anonymization
  • Choose Catalog tag or attribute to designate policy enforcement
  • Select approval process to implement policy

In this course, we will present how an organization can leverage both Collibra’s Policy Manager alongside Immuta’s Policy Enforcement. To illustrate this integration, we will follow the tasks of a Business Steward within Legal & Compliance, who is creating a Data Policy based on PII standards that exist within Collibra. The policy will specify for any data consumers within the organization that do not have an exemption, they must not be able to see PII data. We’ll start by creating an Immuta Global Data Policy, named PII Anonymization. Next, we’ll select the tag or attributes in Catalog to determine where the policy should be applied. The policy action will be set to mask the PII data. Columns tagged with the PII Clearance, set to True, will have the data masked for everyone except when the user has proper authorization.

This process involves stakeholders from Legal & Compliance and the Identity Management team. They will participate in the approval process prior to implementing the policy in Immuta. The Identity Management team will determine authorization to PII data, as indicated as a user attribute coming from an Active Directory. We’ll log into Immuta to confirm the policy has been implemented. We’ll conclude by reviewing a diagram illustrating the relationships between the PII standard, the PII anonymization Policy and policy implementation in Immuta.

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