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Editing Workflows 5.3: Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Enums, & PreFiltering

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About this course

Instructor: Mathisse De Strooper, Product Manager

Course Objectives:

  • Add static and dynamic checkboxes to form fields
  • Add static and dynamic radio buttons to form fields
  • Create dynamic enum inside form field
  • Use pre-filtering options for asset drop down menu

In this course, we will address new workflow functionality available in the Data Governance Center v5.3. We will begin by discussing how you add static and dynamic checkboxes and radio buttons to form fields. We will also create a dynamic enum inside the workflow form. This allows you to dynamically add drop down values instead of hard coding them in the form property. Lastly, we will use the new pre-filtering options for the asset drop down inside the workflow form.

Note: We recommend Editing Workflows v5.3: Restricting Workflows to Status & Editing Form Fields as the precursor to this course material.

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