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Data Sovereignty: Expanding Beyond GDPR

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About this course

Instructor: Sunil Soares, Founding Partner of Information Asset, Inc., and Collibra 5-star Ranger


  • Explain data sovereignty
  • Contrast GDPR compliance
  • Summarize controls to enforce opt-ins

Data Sovereignty refers to legislation that covers information that is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located or stored. Data Sovereignty laws are emerging as a key inhibitor to cloud-based storage of data. These laws also have an impact when information is created in one country but then moved to another country for analytics or processing.In this presentation, Sunil Soares, Founder and managing partner of Information Asset, discusses a Collibra-based solution that addresses GDPR compliance as well as adherence to other Data Sovereignty legislation. The solution addresses key similarities between different pieces of legislation. For example, a single set of controls may be used to enforce opt-ins across the European Union GDPR and Canada CASL laws prior to sending email marketing campaigns.

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