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Organizational Concepts: Communities & Domains v5.x

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About this course

Instructors: Trevor Gori and Matthew Tager, Data Stewards


  • Classify communities and domains
  • Outline subcommunities
  • Explain assets in domains

Your company is continuously aiming for improved financial performance, product quality, or operational excellence. The organization is structured help achieve these goals. Just like your company is organized to achieve its business goals, your data governance initiative should be organized to support your governance goals. The foundation components of data governance organization are Communities and Domains.
Learn the foundational components of your Data Governance organization.

NOTE: Some of the concepts demonstrated in this lesson require settings associated with the role of Community Manager. We’ve included the demonstrations so you understand how communities and domains are created.

Collibra makes it easy for data citizens to find, understand and trust the organizational data they need to make business decisions every day. Unlike traditional data governance solutions, Collibra is a cross-organizational platform that breaks down the traditional data silos, freeing the data so all users have access.

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