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Collibra Catalog & Tableau Integration

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About this course

Instructor: Yulia Prylypko, Inbound Product Manager

Course Objectives:

  • Explain Tableau integration process
  • Show lineage of Tableau assets
  • Certify Tableau reports

In this course, we will demonstrate the Tableau integration process. The main purpose of this process is to transfer Tableau metadata items to Collibra Catalog. As a result, all Tableau report metadata can be easily found in Collibra Catalog.

We will register the data source system as Tableau Server. By registering all physical data sources in Catalog, they become more easily discoverable by storing profiles and samples. Next, we will assign all Tableau Projects, Workbooks and Views to a community. Tableau sites will be synchronized to Catalog, allowing you to view the lineage of the assets using Traceability diagrams. As a result, data sets can be combined from different sources and Tableau reports can be certified. The integration allows for your Tableau data to be readily available in the Data Governance Center.

  • Role Business
  • Experience Novice
  • Applications Catalog
  • Time Required 15 Minutes
  • Resources

    Working with Tableau

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