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Collibra API: REST and Java

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About this course

Instructor: Mathisse De Strooper, Product Manager


  • Test Java and REST API
  • Modify workflows with Java API
  • Create assets with REST API

In this course, we will provide an introduction to our Collibra API. An API is an application programming interface, which contains a set of clearly defined methods which enables you to easily communicate with our Collibra Data Governance Center. We have introduced the API Version 2 in our new Collibra Data Governance Center 5.1 release.

We will review our Java API, which can be used inside the workflows to automate business processes, and our REST API, which can be used to communicate with our Collibra Data Governance Center from external clients available. All operations which you can perform in the Collibra Data Governance Center on certain resources such as assets, domains, communities, relations, and attributes, etc, can be found in their corresponding API.

Collibra makes it easy for data citizens to find, understand and trust the organizational data they need to make business decisions every day. Unlike traditional data governance solutions, Collibra is a cross-organizational platform that breaks down the traditional data silos, freeing the data so all users have access.

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