CCAR & BCBS 239 Roundtable Discussion

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About this Discussion

Approximate Time to Completion: 1 hour
Roundtable Participants:

  • Ram Naresh Pratti, Principal, Center of Excellence, Collibra
  • Simon Hankinson, Global Financial Services Market Lead, Collibra
  • Koen Van Duyse, Pre-Sales Director, Collibra
  • Sam Weibel, Northeast Pre-Sales Manager, Collibra

Large financial institutions and smaller community banks are all tasked with BCBS239 and CCAR compliance. How are the BCBS239 principles driving data governance programs? Are other industries outside the finance sector applying the BCBS principles and how does that impact compliance with CCAR? 

Join our roundtable discussion with our industry experts as they weigh in on their own experience with clients from various sectors, including finance and insurance. Learn how Collibra’s Data Governance Center can bring unique value to the table by creating one view across multiple systems, tracking the lineage and subsequent data quality and reporting options.

These discussions addressed a wide range to topics including:

  • Tools & Tracking Lineage
  • Prioritization & Business Value
  • BCBS239 & CCAR Programs
  • Industry Learning and Training
  • Collibra University and Community
  • Compliance Strategy
  • Issue Management
  • Report Attestation

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