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Catalog Tableau Integration Enhancements and BI Integrations

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About this course


  • Iuliia Prylypko, Inbound Product Manager

Course Objectives:

  • Apply option to switch off thumbnails from Tableau and automatic metadata refresh
  • Make use of new user interface for stitching
  • Plan Catalog Looker integration

In this course, we will review new features for Catalog Tableau integration involving enterprise-level company requirements. This includes avoiding the risk of a potential sensitive security breach by turning off report image thumbnails from Tableau and scheduling for automatic metadata refresh according to need. We also offer additional levels of Tableau integration by providing additional details about report structures and lineage. We have simplified the process of stitching with new UX improvements and the error logs now provide more detail for streamlined analysis. Lastly, Catalog integration functionality is now available for different BI tools, including Catalog Looker integration built using Mulesoft Connect.

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