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Catalog in the Cloud Execution & Implementation

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About this course

Instructor: Bhupinder Calotia, Technical Support Lead

Course Objectives:

  • Assess necessary information for installation of on-premise Jobserver
  • Select required information for configuring Collibra-hosted instance of DGC
  • Test connectivity from Collibra-hosted DGC to on-premise Jobserver

In this course, we will address the execution and implementation phases. We’ll begin with the installation of your on-premise Jobserver. As part of this process, we’ll identify the Collibra hosted instance of DGC to enable Catalog in the Cloud. We’ll procure a server to install on-premise Jobserver application with Console, while confirming the system requirements listed in the Install Guide. We will configure the Mutual or Two-way SSL Authentication with the the appropriate certificate and keys and also complete the proxy configuration. While installing the on-prem Jobserver, we will ensure the version of the on-prem Jobserver is the same as DGC instance hosted by Collibra. After installation, we’ll access the Console to to make sure the Jobserver app starts without any issues.

Our next focus will be to configure the Collibra-hosted instance of DGC. The configurations need to be completed by Collibra Engineers. We will address all the necessary details to provide to Support to ensure a successful installation. Finally, to validate implementation, we’ll ingest a small Excel file. This exercise will validate the connectivity from your Collibra hosted DGC all the way to your on-prem Jobserver.

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