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Business & Technical Lineage

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About this course

Instructor: Ralf Strichau, Customer Advisory Manager

Course Objectives:

  • Explain business and technical lineage
  • Summarize levels of automation
  • Demonstrate relationships between assets and policies


In this course, we will be addressing business and technical lineage. We will demonstrate how technical and business lineage can be presented in diagrams to view the relations between assets and data sources. We will cover different levels of automation, from fully manual to the fully automated documentation of data lineage. We’re going to touch on stitching, which is a technique to document data lineage between different systems. Stitching is applied when the data leaves one system and it’s fed into another system or data store. Lastly, we going to add on data governance, including the use of your policies and procedures on top of your data governance as well as issue management.

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