Being Agile, Data Models and MDM

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Instructor: Gauthier Vasseur, Instructor at Stanford University Continuing Studies

Approximate Time to Completion: 1 hour

In this course, we will discuss being constantly able to adjust to the moving shape of data. Today everybody wants to be Agile. Everybody wants to make things super flexible and the question is how does it really apply to data projects?We will also discuss the future of data modeling, I think data modeling is evolving the same way companies are evolving. It requires more agility, more frequent changes. Actually, it must constantly adapt to the environment evolutions. These structures that used to be extremely rigid have to find a new way of being tweaked overnight because remember, what we want at the end of the day, is the empowerment of the analyst team to be super efficient and straight to the point when they come to their analysis.

This is probably where the notion of AGILE data governance comes in because we need very adaptive governance to all these flows, to all this data, that makes sure that as models constantly adapt to business needs there’s still a continuum and a solid base that keep it right.

This will also impact Master Data Management, as a discipline. I think building forts when it come to master data management may not be the best idea anymore. There’s so many agile ways to connect all this data together, and actually not necessarily force this one-to-one connection each time, but actually have more a fuzzy approach that really connects the dots all together. There is the machine power to achieve that. Maybe the future is not about building these fortresses anymore, but just have a more holistic view, a holistic approach to the whole problem.

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