VUB AI Learning and Intelligent SlackBots

About This Course


  • Johan Loeckx, Artificial Intelligence Lab Manager
  • Simon Keizer, Lecturer 
  • Isel Grau, PhD Student
  • Jens Nevens, PhD Student


  • Discover grounded language learning
  • Analyze systems of engagement
  • Examine applications of artificial intelligence


These short videos will introduce you to the joint research concepts being explored today by Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Collibra Research. The research examines how people collaborate with team members while using data governance systems and systems of engagement, such as Slack. The ultimate goal of this project is to engage artificial intelligence and integrate the Collibra Platform into the systems of engagement, and allowing users to communicate with this platform using natural language processing. In the example being demonstrated, the Slack user will interact with the Chat bot to discuss sales data sets and various findings in the report. All of the information provided is accessed from the Collibra Platform, but presented in Slack, allowing the user quick, informal access to gather necessary information.