Using Dashboards and Data Lineage to Derive Insights from Data

About This Course


Joyce Snelders, Manager, Analytics and Cognitive, Deloitte Consulting LLP


  • Select relationships and add characteristics to data quality rules and dimensions
  • Determine accumulated quality dashboards for multiple assets
  • Assess data impact across assets


This is the final course based on the use case of the retail distribution company using Collibra to cleanse and monitor the quality of their data. In this course we’re going to create data quality dashboards that are accumulated on a table, or on a certain domain. Following that we will look at the full life cycle of the data quality score through end to end lineage on a traceability diagram. You have created an aggregation path, so now you can see the relationships between your scores, your role itself, and to which columns the rule is applicable. This will enable a business user or a stakeholder to look at the business terms they are responsible for, creating accountability and giving them insight on what the status of the data quality score is. This course will also discuss importing data quality rules and metrics.