Unattended DGC Installation on Linux Server

About This Course


Chris Agrinsoni, Support Manager

Course Objectives:

  • Utilize unattended installation process
  • Apply execute permissions
  • Distinguish settings for shell installer and installation config files


An unattended installation on a Linux server allows you to define all the settings the installer would normally ask ahead of time so you can run the installer in one fell swoop. We’ll start by downloading the correct installer for the intended DGC version and upload it to the Linux instance. The download will contain two files, the DGC 5.60 Linux installer, which is a shell installer, and the installation config file. We’ll set permissions to execute and begin to run the installer. Next we’ll begin editing the installation config file, which is in JSON format. Examples of the parameters include repository memory, minimum and maximum memory for the DGC and DGC ports. After all settings are complete the installer runs, we’ll log into Collibra Console and start the default environment. This will launch the DGC for the first time and we’ll also address licensing issues at this time.