Table Enhancements v5.3: Sorting, Freezing, & Headers

About This Course


Allison Selby, Sr Manager, Instructional Design


  • Review multi-column sorting
  • Present options for freezing columns
  • Describe multi-path hierarchy


Enhancements to tables in v5.3 include the option to sort on multiple columns. We also have the option to freeze columns, much like you would in Excel. There’s the new addition of a column header called, “Created by”. You’re now able to remove formatting from in-line text. If you’re copying and pasting from Word or Excel and that text has formatting applied, you can easily strip it when you paste into the DGC. There are also some new quick filters that have been added to additional fields and you have the option to collapse table headers for empty table relations. Also, there have been updates to the hierarchies. Traditionally, the hierarchy of the view has always been a single path, but now, what you’re able to do is choose between a single- or a multi-path hierarchy mode. In a multi-path mode, any relation is traversed at any depth in the hierarchy.