Structural Concepts: Working with Assets v5.x

About This Course


  • Trevor Gori, Data Steward
  • Matthew Tager, Data Steward
  • Romy Weidner, Data Steward


  • Classify asset types
  • Explain Global Create for business terms
  • Demonstrate importing assets from Excel


We will begin this course by creating assets, which represent the structural concepts of the operating model. Assets are often grouped together according to their function, project, or knowledge area. There are different types of assets, and each have different characteristics called attributes, and those attributes can have different relations. The Collibra Platform includes five core asset types to start your data governance structure based on their use, business assets, technology assets, data assets, governance assets and issues.In this course, we’ll learn how to create assets and different asset types, and we’ll see how the asset types affect the domain type they’re assigned. We will also address creating business terms and importing additional assets from Excel.