SSL for Collibra DGC and Console

About This Course


Bhupinder Calotia, Technical Support Lead x Cloud Ops Engineer


  • Identify the benefits of enabling HTTPS
  • Utilize the steps to enable HTTPS access to Collibra DGC & Console
  • Plan how to disable HTTP access after SSL is running


This course will focus on enabling SSL access to Collibra DGC and Collibra Console. We’ll identify the requirements you will need to enable HTTPS, and demonstrate how to configure HTTPS, or SSL access to your on-premise installation of Collibra DGC. We will list the steps to package your certificate and private key to a P12 package, and examine how to disable normal HTTP access after you’ve gotten SSL working. Lastly, we will make use of the existing certificate you used for DGC to enable SSL on Collibra Console.