Report Certification and Watermarking

About This Course


Tudor Borlea, Presales Engineer


  • Apply report certification process
  • Identify critical data elements
  • Select standards to apply to critical data elements


Report certification and watermarking addresses how to determine which reports can be used as trusted documents. We begin by identifying the Critical Data Elements. The next step is to identify the lineage and the standards that need to be applied to each of their critical data elements. The third level of certification monitors the data quality for each of the critical data elements. If at the end of a process, the certification is approved, the report then carries a seal or stamp of approval. This mark indicates to the business users that the report is safe to use for decision making. A watermarked report indicates curated data, and this helps create a culture of governance from the ground up. Empowered users recognize the power of working through formal channels to publish reports and trust the data.