Registering, Ingesting and Profiling JDBC Driver for Snowflake

About This Course


Mahmoud Romeh, Backend Engineer

Course Objectives:

  • Inspect ingesting a Snowflake data source
  • Analyze required connection properties between Collibra Catalog and Snowflake
  • Examine data profiling


In this course, we will demonstrate ingesting and profiling a Snowflake data source through CData driver. We now have a new option in Catalog when you are registering a data source and would like to use CData Driver. Simply use the sample default wizard that now provides Register data source (use a Collibra provided driver) and from there you can upload your CData Driver. In this demo, we use the Snowflake CData Driver and will properly configure the connection parameters, the connection URL and the additional mandatory parameters needed for the configuration and successful connection to a Snowflake data source to ingest and profile.