Presales: Introduction

About This Course


Koen Van Duyse, Vice President, Presales


Welcome to Collibra Presales Training. This course series prepares you to effectively demonstrate the Collibra Platform. The key thing for Collibra is that our principle of True North has a big tagline, which our customers need to be successful but also our partners. And that’s why we’re doing this. We want to make sure that the messaging that Collibra goes to the market with, the demos that we use, the collateral that we use, is the same as the collateral that you use. And so what we want to do is with each release of Collibra, provide you with the same material that we get. So what we’re going to do in this series is run through the different demos, give you tips and tricks on how to approach it. Obviously it’s important to know up front which one of the product lines is important for your clients and how you’re going to position the evaluation of the demos that you’re going to give to what audience. Each of these demos is quite complete, especially the catalog demo runs through almost the whole software suite. Because in the end the strength of Collibra is to combine all the three product lines and have good governance lead to a proper catalog with data privacy built in by design.