Presales: Data Governance

About This Course


  • Koen Van Duyse, Vice President, Presales
  • Geoff Parsons, Presales Engineer


The Data Governance demo is a very key piece obviously for Collibra, for any good data strategy and to get value out of our data. This demo is about communicating across an enterprise, and getting on the same page when it comes to talking about data. Not everybody talks about data as in tables and columns. Not everybody lives in systems. So, there’s a lot of conceptual definitions and business terms that are used. And it’s key to capture these first and start using the same language when we talk about data, so that everything else that we do later, like tagging and classifying datasets so people can actually find them, or when they look at the column that if we link that column to a definition, that it’s the right definition. In this demo, what we’re going to do is take one thing that’s really critical for an organization, in this case, one metric for a finance organization. But you’ll see that this demo is very easy to tailor for other organizations, because you basically take a metric that is very important to them for their line of business, and you can then work it out yourself. You just follow the same structure as the demo, but you have something that resonates very well to the audience.This is the crucial demo to show off proper Data Governance, where we bring in data, people, and process.