Out-of-the-box Operating Model 5.x

About This Course


Benedict Benoit, Sales Engineer


  • Identify the operating model
  • Organize asset types
  • Apply characteristics to assets


Learn the procedures involved with designing your Operating Model or to use an out-of-the-box model by reviewing the process step by step. Review how to assign and understand inheritance when assigning attributes, as well as the option to disconnect from the parent attributes. We will create custom asset types while evaluating how they are part of a hierarchy. In our example, the report asset type is inherited from the business asset. We will review the relations between asset types and how to edit the characteristics and any unnecessary fields. And then we will focus on some of the reference data codes and creating global assignments.

If you are learning about the Operating Model for the first time, we recommend the following sequence:

  • Introduction to the Operating Model 5.x
  • Out-of-the-Box Operating Model 5.x
  • Operating Model 5.x: Organization Concepts