Operating Model 5.x: Organization Concepts

About This Course


Benedict Benoit, Sales Engineer


  • Establish community and domain types
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Assess workflows


Learn the process regarding the organizational components of the operating model. In the lesson example, we will have a top level Community called Operating Model Organization, with two sub-communities, one for Operations, one for Reference Data. Within Operations, we will have two domains, one for Production Reports and one for Finance Reports. Within Production Reports, we can have multiple assets of the type Report, which is the master type of the type Internal Report and External Report. The same can happen within that Finance Reports. We will also review assigning roles and responsibilities, from the Chief Data Officer to Data Steward. The roles will determine who is responsible for certain tasks. We will use the Simple Approval process to review this particular workflow and identify the tasks assigned to various roles.

If you are learning about the Operating Model for the first time, we recommend the following sequence:

  • Introduction to the Operating Model 5.x
  • Out-of-the-Box Operating Model 5.x
  • Operating Model 5.x: Organization Concepts