Move Data to AWS for Tableau Analytics

About This Course


Peter Princen, Sr. Product Manager

Course Objectives:

  • Explain onboarding ERP cloud data into data lake built on AWS S3
  • Utilize Amazon Athena to access data in AWS S3 data lake
  • Examine complete lineage of Tableau workbook and source systems


In this course, we will review a user journey of a business analyst that needs to make a report on sales forecasts in the domain of supply chain. The use case will show that not only Catalog will be used to find the correct data, but it will actually manage the whole process of looking for data, requesting new data to be onboarded into the data lake where our analyst can actually access it, and leading up to creating a report in a BI tool of choice. In our example the BI tool will Tableau, and the data lake will be built on AWS S3. At the end of our journey, the analyst can access the data that is stored on AWS S3.