Healthcare Analytics Overview

About This Course


Justin Washburn, Presales Engineer


  • Utilize self-service analytics
  • Organize stewardship
  • Assess report quality


The Healthcare Analytics Overview course reviews how Collibra supports analytics and Tableau reports within a Healthcare setting. We will start with Tableau and work through the associated steps to understand the source of the data, identify the analytics and ensure all data citizens can access the trusted data. Collibra provides the support for every steward to access the metadata surrounding reports, the business terms in the reports, people who own those terms, how it can be stewarded, it’s quality, and how it was generated. We want to facilitate self-service analytics. Collibra provides a single place to look for cataloged and curated data assets. The curated assets could contain lists of surgeons, lists of policies, lists of procedures, lists of reference data, anything that you want to know within the organization. By using Collibra, we’ll show how you can create traceability diagrams and demonstrate the source of the data. You can explain who owns it, who created it, who’s the expert for it. The idea is to make the self-service analytics easy to use for every data citizen.